Shanxi Anbight Industrial Trading Co., Ltd., is working as a company that provides wide range of products and solutions related to metal stamping, punching, pressing or deep drawing hardware, casting parts, metal or plastic machining parts, and mechanical parts assembly based on customer's design. Our metal works are serving in a wide variety of industries, including machinery, construction, furniture, automotive, sporting goods, electrical equipment, microelectronics, and lighting fixtures. At the same time, we are also successfully exporting some civilian products to countries all over the world. For example, our horse riding gears are very popular in the market.

Our metal stamping or metal deep drawing parts cover all lines of relevant processes from progressive die to single hit. We are specialized in pressing rate up to 200 tons. The material thickness for this process is 0.004"(0.1 mm), and the maximum thickness is 0.4"(10 mm). We can work to tolerances of 0.005", and meet standards such as ISO and various American standards or European standards. We are happy to accept orders from small order of 100 units, up to millions of units.

We have been supplying metal castings or machining parts, with the assurance of professional techniques and good qualities. The casting or machined metal parts we may supply are all made according to customer’s design. The casting part weight we supply is varying from 2 grams to 5 kilograms. The machining part we may supply is from 1 gram to 1 metric ton. The casting part weight we supply is varying from 5 grams to 5 kilograms. The casting or machined metal parts we may supply are all made according to customer's design.

Based on specialized knowledge, our technical service team is capable of providing assistance in product design and technical guidance to our customers and our quality control team will assure a strict quality control in the production. Meanwhile, our sales team members are providing fluent English communication and excellent services to worldwide customers.

We believe you will find on time response, technical design assistance, good quality control, and cost saving in the cooperation with us. Please send inquiry with your product design or just share an idea with us, we will provide our quotation or design assistance in short time. Hope you will find a satisfactory answer here!

We provide solutions for metal works in product development stage and also quality control process.


1. Product Development

Ideation - Product Consultations - Mechanical Design - Prototypes - Product Testing - Production


2. Quality Assurance

Material quality assurance

Process Control assurance

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